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Independent and highly qualified Farm Business Consultants are linked with vegetable growers for detailed data collection, an in-depth analysis and a high-level review of your whole farming business to establish which factors affect production efficiencies, what drives profit in your business and how you may best grow your assets over time.


Use the data analysis to gain greater insights into your business. Through face-to-face consultation, the review process will provide you with the knowledge to make data-driven management decisions that over time will make your business more efficient, more profitable and better able to cope with challenging seasons and market unpredictability.


Knowing your costs and how best to distribute resources within your business to generate profit allows you to control and influence the factors that turn small returns into greater returns and grow your business wealth over time.

How It Works

Why Farm Business Consultants?

Farm Business Consulting is a highly specialised and unique service that is relatively new to horticulture. The point of difference is that it matches up production and production measures with the financial metrics and reviews how every dollar spent on production is turned into income and profit.

The consultant provides a fresh set of eyes over your production and financial figures which can highlight areas of risk and also where the potential lies to improve your business performance. The service complements that of an accountant, agronomist or bank and pulls it all together to build stronger and better performing businesses.